Why go Cloud?

April 10, 2020

It is the same on the surface. It is hard to differentiate between a dine-in restaurant and a cloud kitchen on food-delivery apps. Yet, in the background, it can make a hell of a difference. While there are great perks like low rents, less HR, The central idea behind establishing a delivery-only outlet is the same. If you care more about cooking and selling on-demand delicious food than dine-in experiences, This model is for you. Cloud Kitchens differ in subtle ways from dine-in restaurants. Moreover, they cost less.

On-Demand food
When you open up a dine-in restaurant, it is more likely for people to associate your restaurant with a food item, and it is hard to get rid of that image. You can’t sell a Pizza in a Biryani place. While with Delivery-Only Kitchens, It takes just another oven installation in the free space to start a new brand.

While in a traditional dine-in the orders are limited by the number of tables, with cloud kitchens, the number of orders you can handle is dependent on how busy you can get. Although how fast you can expand depends on the degree of standardization.

As every payment is online (Payouts from Delivery Partners), there is no hassle of depositing the cash every day. Moreover, Accounting becomes hassle-free.

Everything under control
With the right POS software, you can get everything under control from consumption reports to profit estimates to order management.

Lower StartUp costs
Not just the hefty rents - you can also save a lot of money that is poured into setup, table-ware, interior designs. As opposed to an average 2000 sq ft area in a prime location, you can start a cloud kitchen in 200 sq ft in a normal location. That’s 20X.

Scaling Up is easy
With the budget you plan on spending for a restaurant, you can plan on expanding your cloud kitchens to multiple locations and serve more areas, virtually anywhere.