What multiple brands can mean to cloud kitchens

November 19, 2020

The global Eating-out industry employs millions of people and has a market cap of a few trillion USD. Yet, 90% of the restaurants get closed in the first year. Setting up a restaurant is most probably the first business idea that will pop into anyone’s mind. It looks easy - Shop, Cook, Ship, Repeat. But, what happens in between is chaotic.

The pandemic has proven how fragile the eating-out industry is. Yet, there are ways to minimize the chances of failure. Starting with multiple brands is one of them. A good part of the world still orders from restaurants in which they used to dine-in. McDonald's didn’t start as a cloud kitchen. So, as most people prefer restaurants they visited over the ghost kitchens they didn’t, it’s wise to kickstart your cloud kitchen with multiple brands.

If there’s anything common among the big players, it is the square footage they cover. A small restaurant cannot afford to scale up like that. How about hosting all the restaurant brands in a single location?

When you have multiple food brands operating out of the same location, you won’t have to deal with a global supply chain, more HR. Cloud Kitchens remove everything that is not related to Edible Food from a restaurant.

Cuisine-Specific Brands
We are more likely to order Pizza from Domino’s than from a fine-dining restaurant. When you name brands with cuisine-specific names or limit them to niche cuisines, the chances of gaining loyalty are more.

Same Ingredient
Falafels can be used in a variety of dishes. Some customers love them in a wrap, and some need a rice bowl. You can sell falafels in your wraps brand, and rice bowl brand, and separately too.

The cost of owning multiple internet restaurant brands is far cheaper compared to area-dependent restaurants with glass facades. The capital can rather be used for technology, better kitchen equipment, and culinary research.

More engineering
Dine-in needs an army. But when you run a cloud kitchen, you’ll have more time to focus on just the food. The ways to get creative with food, packaging, pricing are plenty.