We are a full stack restaurant consultancy

Restaurant Setup

500Kitchens offers a broad spectrum of services from Infra Setup to HR.

New Brands

Start new cuisine-specific brands out of your restaurant kitchen.


Our branding solutions are centered around your story, not around what we know.


Start your kitchen with zero costs out of our partner kitchens.

At 500Kitchens, our mission is to bring more variety into the eating-out industry. Making it easy for you to start a restaurant brand is one way to achieve that. We bring to the table the expertise we’ve had with out-of-the-box food businesses.

Growing into a legacy food brand takes time. Imitating big brands seems easy, but it doesn't work. The possibilities are endless with food. Most of the restaurants hit the wall before breaking-even. 500Kitchens helps you prioritize your options.


At 500Kitchens, We believe that Consistency in food is not just for retaining customers. It is for achieving peace with Restaurant operations. Our vision is to democratize and simplify sophisticated processes in building and running restaurants. We aim to see more niche-but-awesome restaurants and internet kitchens.